Climbing PPE

Whether you do it for work or pleasure, climbing can be extremely hazardous if you're not wearing the right PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Fortunately, we stock a huge range of climbing PPE here at, so you can stay comfortable and safe while you're scaling those heights.

Here's a selection of the PPE products we offer for professional climbers and hobbyists alike:

Climbing Harness

Safety Harnesses

It is, of course, essential to wear a harness when climbing. Harnesses (when properly secured to an anchor point) prevent you from falling to the ground, and we have a huge range of high-quality harnesses to choose from here at, including full body harnesses and comfortable seat harnesses.

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Karabiners (sometimes spelled 'carabiners') are connectors that are indispensable when climbing. They connect equipment securely and hold fast while you're busy making your climb. Again, we stock an extensive variety of climbing karabiners here at, ranging from budget-friendly steel screw lock karabiners to the TRIACT-LOCK pulley carabiner.

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Ascenders / rope clamps can be used to keep things in position while climbing, as well as providing hand / foot holds to help you ascend quickly and safely. Our high-quality ascension rope clamps come in left- and right-handed configurations - click the link below to browse and buy online.

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Climbing Helmets

Head protection is crucially important when pursuing any potentially hazardous activity, and climbing is no exception. We stock a variety of specially-designed climbing helmets that offer superb comfort, ventilation and safety for climbers.

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