Rope life can be extended by a number of care and maintenance factors. This is important as ropes are a crucial part of Tree Climber kits.

A cambium saver is fundamental when using a climbing rope to reduce wear and abrasion. Cambium savers enable ropes to pass over the smooth surface of rings or a pulley rather than the rough bark of a branch and help maintain trees health. Never run the climbing rope over dirty surfaces or sharp objects/ edges to prevent fraying or damage to fibres. Similarly, fast descents should be avoided as the friction can produce high temperatures, possibly melting the rope's fibres.

Rope inspection is fundamental for extending rope life and should be a part of tree care professional’s daily routine. For example, wear, rope eyes and rope ends should be constantly monitored. It is normal for climbing ropes to show signs of abrasion and for the outer sheath to have a fuzzy texture due to small fibre breaks. Although, any signs of damaged strands, excessive wear or chemical contamination, the rope should be retired immediately from use.

A storage bag is excellent for prolonging the life of ropes, being able to store rope prevents sharp objects and equipment, sunlight, abrasive materials and dirt damaging the rope with the added benefits of transportation.

If a rope has been subjected to damage or shock loading, always retire it immediately. Please Visit, call 0808 12 69 69 or email us at  for more information on our Repairs and Inspections services!