22,000 road impact incidents in England in 2013 were caused by objects falling from vehicles. When transporting any equipment, logs or brash it is fundamental all loads are secure. When transporting any goods it's vitally important that you ensure that all your loads are secure or you risk damaging them. If an unsecured load falls there's a risk of injuries and even death! To avoid damaging your goods or causing any fatal accidents, it is important you ensure you secure your load, and our range of Load Restraint Systems  allow you to do just that.

We supply everything from ratchet lashings to load binder chains - whatever your requirements may be, we're confident you'll be able to find the load restraint option to meet them. Here are some of the load restraint products we have to offer:

If you are transporting heavy goods it's crucial that you use the appropriate load restraint to prevent your load from falling off your vehicle. These ratchet lashings are one of our most sought-after load restraint products, and can secure a huge variety of different loads. To view our range of ratchet lashings, please click here!

A cargo bar is a load restraint product that is more suited for pickup trucks and other large vehicles whilst their in transit. The bar is held in place by high-grip rubber feet and the bar is constructed from lightweight aluminium. The cargo bar can be adjusted from 2350 - 2720mm by using the ratchet mechanism, placed across the width of the vehicle to prevent anything from sliding off the vehicle. To purchase this ratchet cargo bar, please click here.

If you're looking for an affordable, heavy-duty load restraint solution, our load binder sets could be exactly what you're looking for! The sets include a load binder, a load binder chain, and a pair of hooks. Each load binder kit has it's own maximum breaking strength, so please check the kit you're purchasing is suitable for your requirements. For more information on our load binder sets, please click here.

No matter how heavy your loads are, or the size of the vehicle you're transporting these goods are on, our load restraint systems will ensure that they're secure whilst it's in transit. To view our entire range of load restraint products, please click here




Want to extend the life of your rigging ropes? Protect trees? & have an efficient operation when removing limbs?!

Lowering Devices are an excellent piece of equipment for friction management to efficiently and safely lower limbs. Lowering devices save money, time and improve safety.

At Life-Gear.com we have released a comprehensive range of lowering devices from Porta Wraps to Heavy duty lowering bollards. High-quality, competitively-priced, and available to hire as well as to buy our Rigging Systems are perfect for Tree Care Professionals!

One of our most popular lowering devices is the TU100 heavy duty bollard, designed to be attached to the base of a tree groundsman can control the descent of a cut branch/ limb. Made in the EU the padded mounting plates prevent trees from getting damaged.

For more information view our full range here!