When working within an industry or job that requires you to work at dangerous and awkward heights, a safety harness is one of the main pieces of equipment needed to ensure safety and reduce the chances of a fall. A safety harness enables the user to attach themselves to a fixed and secure anchor point via the use of a lanyard, providing them with security while they work or carry out a task. Knowing that you are completely safe whilst working not only provides peace of mind, but it also allows you to fully concentrate on the task at hand and complete your work quicker and more efficiently.

A considerable amount of injuries and deaths occur each year in the UK as a result of falls from height, so it is essential that you are equipped not only with a safety harness, but a suitable safety harness for the type of job and activity that you are carrying out. Here at Life-Gear.com, we supply an array of various safety harness types, ideal for a range of uses.

Full Body Harnesses

PETZL AVAO Rope Access Safety Harness


Full body harnesses are designed to provide the user with maximum comfort during rope ascents. The X-shaped design wraps around the user to minimise pressure points during a period of prolonged suspension. With multiple loops available, this allows the user to hang from various points on the harness, as well as the ability to hang tools.


Sit & Work Positioning Harnesses


Tree Force Work Positioning Harness


Seat and work positioning harnesses also provide high levels on comfort as well as a durable and reliable solution when working at height. As a result of their high-quality webbing, padded leg loops/back and quick release buckles around the waist and legs, workers can work in confidence as well as comfort. Available with multiple equipment loops for tool attachments.


Children’s Harnesses


PETZL Children's Fall Protection Harness


Suitable for children aged between 4-9 years old. Our Children’s Safety Harnesses provide the perfect solution to keeping children safe while taking part in activities at height and is designed for children weighing less than 30kg. The design mimics that of a full body harness as children’s hips aren’t defined enough for a waist belt to latch onto, therefore levels of safety are increased. Buckles are also located on the back of the harness which prevents the child from adjusting them themselves.

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