When it comes to protective workwear on-site and on the job, few items of clothing command the respect and importance of protective headgear.

With the ability to save your life quite literally built-in to every item, protective headwear is arguably the single most vital piece of kit for many workers tasked with working in hazardous environments.

For those that work in a setting where falling objects are a common hazard, no such argument is necessary – protective headgear is an absolute must.

Luckily, here at Life-Gear.com, we’ve got plenty of safety options available to ensure your head remains safe and sound, regardless of the task at hand.


head protection, safety helmets


Hard Hats

Specifically designed to provide affordable and effective head protection, our range of low-cost hard hats are perfect for on-site use and extremely affordable.



head protection, safety helmets

Lightweight Impact Protection Hard Hat

Part of our own signature LifeGear range, these budget-friendly hard hat helmets are comfortable and protective in equal measure.

Fully compliant to CE and EN397, this product is available in yellow, white and orange varieties.


head protection, safety helmets

Safety Helmet with Ratchet Adjustment Premium Style

Also part of the LifeGear range, these durable yet lightweight safety helmets provide impact protection in the form of long-lasting ABS polymer.

Complete with chin-strap and ratchet adjuster, this helmet features six-point PE harness with soft sweatband for enhanced cranial comfort.

Also available in yellow, white and orange and fully compliant to CE and EN397 standards.


head protection, safety helmets 

Elastic Hard Hat Lanyard ERGO-19150

The brainchild of safety specialists, Ergodyne, this elastic hard hat lanyard is the perfect hard hat accessory for those working at height.

Compatible with most headwear, this handy addition is perfect for preventing helmet droppage, keeping your head protected in tricky and awkward conditions above ground.

Featuring a double-lock buckle, high-stretch material and hi-vis colouration, this low-cost lanyard is a valuable addition to any toolkit.



head protection, safety helmets 

Arborist Helmets

Arborists (aka tree surgeons) naturally find themselves at risk from falling hazards; however, these helmets can be of great use to anyone who finds themselves working at height.

Unlike standard hard hats, arborist helmets also provide protection from the side and back, in addition to the overhead safety.

As such, these products can be particularly useful for climbers, as well as rope access professional that work at height.


head protection, safety helmets

SKULLGUARD Tree Climbing & Rope Access Safety Helmet

The most economical option in the arborist head protection range, the SkullGuard safety helmet is perfect for minimising the force of small falling objects.

The helmet comes with a central ratchet headband system that can be adjusted for comfort and stability. Meanwhile, it also comes with a safe and sturdy chin strap for additional security.

Available in white, yellow, blue and black, this item complies to EN397 and ANSI Z89, with a lifespan of three years from the date of manufacture.


head protection, safety helmets

Forestry Helmet Set

The perfect kit for anyone looking to conduct forestry or arborist work, this set is the one-stop shop for all your head protection needs.

The set itself includes a safety helmet for head protection, mesh visor for eye safety and a set of earmuffs for aural shielding as well.

Adjustable and affordable, this set is the ideal precautionary measure for those dealing with arborary tasks, including amateurs and professionals alike.



Edelrid Climbing Helmets

Edelrid is a brand that has been strongly associated with the mountaineering game since the 1950s. As such, suffice to say they know a thing or two about climbing headgear.


head protection, safety helmets

Edelrid Zodiac Tree Climbing Helmet

Featuring a lightweight and durable design, this model comes with a unique “wing fit” system that provides maximum overhead comfort, as well as safety.

With its impact-resistant ABS outer shell, the Zodiac also boasts an expanded polystyrene foam inner shell for enhanced shock absorption.

Complete with adjustable chin strap, head torch clips and spare padding, this product also features large vents to maintain a consistent supply of air for comfort.

Available in green, orange and white.


head protection, safety helmets

Edelrid Ultra-Lite Climbing Helmet

Also fitted with the “wing-fit” system for precise helmet adjustment, the Ultra-Lite offers many of the perks of the Zodiac, such as the head torch clips, robust ABS hardshell and chin strap.

However, unlike the Zodiac model, the Ultra-Lite also offers protection against molten metal splatter and side attachments for ear protectors and a visor, if required.

Available in red, yellow, white and black, this stellar head protection solution is also compliant to EN 397.


Petzl Climbing Helmets

Much like Edelrid, Petzl is a brand that has long established itself as a go-to name in both the climbing game and working at height equipment. With a history that dates back to the ‘70s, the guys and girls at Petzl know their stuff, as seen in these items below:


head protection, safety helmets

Petzl Vertex Best Climbing Helmet

Specifically designed for those that work at height, the Vertex Best has a number of features tailor-made for the task at hand.

Featuring a CentreFit adjustment system for headband stability and central positioning, visor/ear defender attachment points and strong chinstrap, it also boasts a six-point textile suspension to comfortably fit the shape of your head.

Meanwhile, from a protection perspective, it also offers effective shock-absorption through reactive deformation of the outer shell. The Vertex Best has a lifespan of 10 years from manufacture date and is available in six different colours.


head protection, safety helmets

Petzl Vertex Vent Climbing Helmet

The Vertex Vent offers all the features of the Vertex Best with the notable difference of featured vent holes on the outer casing.

Best of all, these vent holes come complete with sliding shutters for adjustable comfort, allow the user to alter the ventilation while wearing the helmet to suit their preference.


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