Arborist helmets are different to other kinds of safety helmets, because they not only protect the wearer from being struck by fallen objects, they also provide protection around the sides of the head. Whether you climb trees as part of your job or as a hobby, wearing an arborist helmet will ensure you can climb comfortably and safely.

Which arborist helmet is the best? To help you decide, we have chosen three of the best arborist helmets we stock and tell you more about them here.

Petzl Vertex Best Climbing Helmet PETZL-VERTEXB

This helmet had to come first because best is in the name, and that’s because it is one of the most popular climbing helmets amongst arborists. Some of the features that make it one of the best arborist helmets include; attachment points for a visor or ear defenders, CentreFit adjustment and an incredibly strong chin strap. We think you’ll love it, take a closer look here.

Edelrid Ultra Lite Climbing Helmet

This Edelrid Ultra Lite Climbing Helmet makes it into our best arborist helmet top 3 because it is secure and effective. It can offer protection from molten metal splatter, has attachments for ear protectors or a visor, and it comes with removable inner padding for extra comfort. Take a closer look here.

Edelrid Zodiac Tree Climbing Helmet

And finally, this Edelrid Zodiac Tree Climbing Helmet has made it into our because it is lightweight, impact resistant, and comes with a fully adjustable chin strap with a closure system for comfort. This arborist helmet looks stylish, has vents to keep your head cool, and is sure to keep you safe while you work and climb. Do you think this is the best arborist helmet for you? Take a look here.

It is hard for us to tell you what the best arborist helmet is because it largely depends on personal preference and the type of climbing job you’re doing. However, we are sure that these are some of the best arborist helmets on the market, so if you’re unsure which to buy, these arborist helmets won’t let you down.

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When working within an industry or job that requires you to work at dangerous and awkward heights, a safety harness is one of the main pieces of equipment needed to ensure safety and reduce the chances of a fall. A safety harness enables the user to attach themselves to a fixed and secure anchor point via the use of a lanyard, providing them with security while they work or carry out a task. Knowing that you are completely safe whilst working not only provides peace of mind, but it also allows you to fully concentrate on the task at hand and complete your work quicker and more efficiently.

A considerable amount of injuries and deaths occur each year in the UK as a result of falls from height, so it is essential that you are equipped not only with a safety harness, but a suitable safety harness for the type of job and activity that you are carrying out. Here at, we supply an array of various safety harness types, ideal for a range of uses.

Full Body Harnesses

PETZL AVAO Rope Access Safety Harness


Full body harnesses are designed to provide the user with maximum comfort during rope ascents. The X-shaped design wraps around the user to minimise pressure points during a period of prolonged suspension. With multiple loops available, this allows the user to hang from various points on the harness, as well as the ability to hang tools.


Sit & Work Positioning Harnesses


Tree Force Work Positioning Harness


Seat and work positioning harnesses also provide high levels on comfort as well as a durable and reliable solution when working at height. As a result of their high-quality webbing, padded leg loops/back and quick release buckles around the waist and legs, workers can work in confidence as well as comfort. Available with multiple equipment loops for tool attachments.


Children’s Harnesses


PETZL Children's Fall Protection Harness


Suitable for children aged between 4-9 years old. Our Children’s Safety Harnesses provide the perfect solution to keeping children safe while taking part in activities at height and is designed for children weighing less than 30kg. The design mimics that of a full body harness as children’s hips aren’t defined enough for a waist belt to latch onto, therefore levels of safety are increased. Buckles are also located on the back of the harness which prevents the child from adjusting them themselves.

For more information on our range Safety Harnesses, please do not hesitate to contact us today by calling 0117 9381 600 or emailing To view all of our Safety Harness types, click below!

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Climbing PPE

Whether you do it for work or pleasure, climbing can be extremely hazardous if you're not wearing the right PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Fortunately, we stock a huge range of climbing PPE here at, so you can stay comfortable and safe while you're scaling those heights.

Here's a selection of the PPE products we offer for professional climbers and hobbyists alike:

Climbing Harness

Safety Harnesses

It is, of course, essential to wear a harness when climbing. Harnesses (when properly secured to an anchor point) prevent you from falling to the ground, and we have a huge range of high-quality harnesses to choose from here at, including full body harnesses and comfortable seat harnesses.

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Karabiners (sometimes spelled 'carabiners') are connectors that are indispensable when climbing. They connect equipment securely and hold fast while you're busy making your climb. Again, we stock an extensive variety of climbing karabiners here at, ranging from budget-friendly steel screw lock karabiners to the TRIACT-LOCK pulley carabiner.

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Ascenders / rope clamps can be used to keep things in position while climbing, as well as providing hand / foot holds to help you ascend quickly and safely. Our high-quality ascension rope clamps come in left- and right-handed configurations - click the link below to browse and buy online.

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Climbing Helmets

Head protection is crucially important when pursuing any potentially hazardous activity, and climbing is no exception. We stock a variety of specially-designed climbing helmets that offer superb comfort, ventilation and safety for climbers.

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Can't find the climbing equipment you need? Contact the team for assistance!

Has one of your vehicles ever gotten stuck in an area that’s difficult to move it from such as the snow or mud? Maybe you’ve broken down in an awkward place and can’t find a way to get back on the road? If you have, then you’re more than likely to have wished you had a piece of equipment to help you out! Tow chains are the perfect solution if and when you ever happen to find yourself stuck in one of these unfortunate dilemmas. But having a tow chain doesn’t necessarily mean that all your problems are solves, you need to know how to use one! Read on to find out how.

Our collection of Tow Chains

The Tow Chains that you can find here at are manufactured of a grade 80 heavy duty chain with an oval ring and hook at either end. As a result of their lightweight and small nature, you are able to easily store them and make them an essential part of your vehicle emergency kit, especially when you find yourself driving in areas and climates where the possibility of becoming stuck are high. When used in the correct way, tow chains can become a real life saver but can cause damage to your vehicle if you don’t know how to use them.

12 Tonne Tow Chain


Connecting the hook to the towing vehicle

To remove a vehicle from being stuck, the first thing that you need to do is attach the hook end of the tow chain to the fully operational vehicle that will be towing the immobilised vehicle. This is usually attached to the rear bumper or to a trailer hitch, which tends to have loops for a hook to be connected. Either of these connection points will offer suitable support for most towing tasks. Ensure that no other areas of the car are used to attach the hook as damage may be caused. For an extra level of precaution, give the tow chain a few tugs after connecting the hook to make sure it is firmly fastened and not able to become loose during towing.

Connecting the chain to the immobilised vehicle

Before attaching the oval ring end of the chain to the vehicle that is stuck, you need to ensure that the chain hasn’t become twisted or tangled as this will affect the length of the chain and can cause wear and tear as time passes. After you’ve checked the chain is okay to be attached, you can proceed. The chain is often attached a tow hook or a robust steel loop located underneath the front bumper or close to the centre axle. Many vehicles may have plastic covers over their hooks or are hidden in recessed nooks. Regardless, it is vital that you don’t attach the tow chain directly onto the axle or any other part hanging from underneath the front of the vehicle.

Start to tow

After both ends have been securely connected, towing can now begin. The first thing you need to do, however, is to ensure that both vehicles are manned at all times. If the vehicle being towed is still functional, it should be placed in first gear with the handbrake lifted. If it is not functional, then it should be left in neutral with the handbrake lifted. The driver of the towing vehicle will need to creep forward slowly until the tow chain becomes tight, it is then able to be pulled away. It’s important to keep all movements slow and steady, anything abrupt and sudden will be felt by the towed vehicle and can cause the chain to break free.

Following these simple steps will allow you to tow any vehicle not only properly, but safely. To do this, however, you will first need to have a tow chain in your possession. If you do not have one, it is always good practice to keep one on hand. Here at, we supply a range of quality tow chains, able to pull vehicles weighing up to 32 tonnes. Simply click below to view our full collection of Tow Chains and purchase. If you have any questions or require further information regarding our Tow Chain collection, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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Children's Climbing Equipment

Climbing is a great activity for children and young people to enjoy. It boosts concentration - finding a route up a climbing wall requires a lot of focus! - and of course it's also great for improving strength, coordination, and general fitness.

But climbing can also be hazardous if you're not wearing the right safety equipment. Before letting your child climb, it's important to make sure that they are protected from falls - and to that end, we at are pleased to offer a great selection of children's climbing equipment at rock-bottom prices.

Here are some of the products that you can buy from our website today:

Children's Climbing Harness

PETZL Fall Protection Harness for Children

Ideal for children aged 4-9 years

This safety harness can support children weighing up to 30kg (that's approximately 4st 10lb). The two-colour webbing makes this product easy to put on, and its full-body design provides improved safety for smaller children whose hips haven't fully developed yet. The clips are positioned at the back of the harness so that young wearers won't fiddle with them.

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Picchu-PETZL Children's Climbing Helmet

Ideal for children aged 3-8 years

Designed specifically for young rock climbers, this helmet's headband size can be adjusted between 48cm and 54cm. The helmet itself is sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, with side openings to enhance ventilation. Choose from two different colours: Coral (red) and Raspberry (pink).

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Older children and teenagers may find our regular safety harnesses and climbing helmets to be a better fit. We have a wide range of climbing equipment available for climbers of all ages!

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Sack Trucks

Sack trucks are ideal for manoeuvring heavy and/or unwieldy loads safely and efficiently. If, for instance, you need to transport a stack of heavy boxes from one part of your warehouse to another, it's a good idea to use a sack truck (or some other type of trolley) rather than attempting to lift the boxes yourself and risking a musculoskeletal injury.

We stock a superb selection of sack trucks here at - all are available to buy online, and selected sack trucks are also available to hire at competitive rates.

Choose your sack truck:

Sack Truck

Economy 150kg Steel Sack Truck

A great budget-friendly sack truck, ideal for light use.

Buy or Hire >


High Back Sack Truck

Easy Push/Pull 250kg Sack Truck

This sack truck features pneumatic tyres and a high back with P-handle design

Buy Online >


Easy Push/Pull Sack Truck

Easy Push/Pull 300kg Sack Truck

This sack truck also has a P-handle design for easy pulling. It can take loads of up to 300kg, and it's available to hire as well as buy.

Buy or Hire >


Folding Sack Truck

200kg Heavy Duty Steel Folding Sack Truck

With solid wheels and a robust steel frame, this sack truck is built for daily use. The folding toe extends the product's length to 600mm.

Buy or Hire >


Solid Wheel Sack Truck

250kg Sack Truck with Solid Wheels

Another P-handle trolley, this product has puncture-proof tyres as well as a high-back design.

Buy or Hire >


3 in 1 Multipurpose Sack Truck

3 in 1 Multipurpose Sack Truck (250kg)

This very clever sack truck can be adapted into three different configurations (see pictures above) to suit your load moving needs.

Buy Online >


Aluminium Sack Truck

150kg Lightweight Aluminium Sack Truck

Need a lighter product? This sack truck is lightweight yet sturdy - the solid wheels eliminate the issue of punctures, and the aluminium frame is resistant to rust and bending.

Buy or Hire >


Stair Climbing Sack Truck

100kg Stair Climbing Sack Truck

If you frequently need to carry loads up steps and staircases, this ingenious stair climbing sack truck may be perfect for your requirements. Features solid wheels and a folding extension plate.

Buy or Hire >

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In this blog, we will take a look at some of the different types of winches on the market in order to establish how and when it is appropriate to use them.

Different Types of Winches

What are winches and what are they used for?

A winch is a device consisting of a length of rope or chain that's wound around a drum. When the drum turns, the length of rope/chain is either shortened or lengthened (depending on which direction you're turning it in). This relatively simple mechanism has lots of practical applications, but it is most commonly used to move cars, boats, and other heavy loads.

Broadly speaking, operators have a choice between manual and electrical winches. Each option has different benefits, so the right choice for you will depend on the nature of the task at hand.

Hand Winch

Hand Winches

Hand winches are a great choice if you're looking for a manually-operated winch. Hand winches can be very useful for arborists who need to carry out work in wet conditions and locations where there are no power outlets, such as woodland areas.

Pictured above is our Heavy Duty 250kg Hand Winch. With its high capacity and automatic brake, this winch is perfect for use in emergencies and small-scale forestry operations.

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Electric Winch

Electric Winches

Electric winches are often a preferable option for arborists working near a power source. Using an electrical winch is less physically demanding, and allows you to focus your attention on the job. An electric winch also allows loads to be moved more steadily because the drum turns continuously - this can be advantageous when moving delicate or sharp objects.

The winch pictured above is our 500kg Electric Winch (110V). This product has a lifting capacity of 500kg and a pulling capacity of 800kg, making it ideal for moving heavy objects such as forest debris. Unsurprisingly, it is one of our best sellers!

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Stay Warm at Work

Winter will soon be upon us here in the UK, and when the temperature drops, it's important to stay warm.

This can be difficult when you work outdoors, exposed to the wind and rain. Fortunately, we at stock a wide range of high-quality Wet & Cold Gear that's specifically designed to keep you warm and dry in even the worst winter weather.

Like everything else we sell, our wet/cold clothing offers exceptional performance at a very fair price. Here are just a few of the offers currently available from our website:


Hand Warming Packs

Previously £1.49 | Now £1.19

If you find that your hands become numb when exposed to cold air, these Ergodyne hand warming packs are ideal solution. Simply open the pack to activate it - the natural ingredients heat up when they make contact with oxygen. Put the packs in your gloves or pockets for up to 8 hours of warmth!

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Thermal Vest

Previously £10.05 | Now £8.71

Available in sizes ranging from M to XL, this snug thermal vest will give that little bit of extra insulation that can make all the difference when you're working in near-freezing conditions. 100% polyester.

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Thermal Leggings

Previously £10.05 | Now £8.71

In addition to the thermal vest, we also stock these thermal leggings to complete the set and keep your bottom half as warm as your top half!

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Hi-Viz Yellow Bomber Jacket

Previously £41.40 | Now £18.16

Low temperatures aren't the only risk associated with winter weather. Visibility can also become an issue - fortunately, this high-quality bomber jacket has you covered on both fronts! Ideal for workers who need to be warm and be seen. Sizes range from M to XXL.

Buy Now >



Jacket Safety Harness

Previously £179.89 | Now £123.90

Working at height can be dangerous even at the best of times, but cold/wet weather makes it even more hazardous. This waterproof windbreaker jacket will keep you warm in low temperatures, and the built-in safety harness will help to protect you from falls.

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Click here to browse our full range of wet and cold gear!

If you work within a job or industry that requires to work at height, you are of course exposed to the risk of falling. Falls from a height, whether they are from great distances or small, can cause serious injuries and sometimes even death – the severity usually determined by a number of factors including age, weight, the way in which you land and the surface landed on. Despite these things having an influence on the outcome of a fall, the risk of falling can be reduced massively when the correct equipment is used.

Here at, we supply a comprehensive range of Height Safety Equipment that ensures optimum levels of safety when working at height. Look below to see a selection of our products and some of their features.

Height Safety Products


Harness and Shock Absorbing Lanyard Kit

This fully adjustable restraint harness covers the upper/lower body and chest area. Manufactured with high-quality, robust webbing and equipped with steel buckles, it provides adequate protection from falls when working at heights. Ideal for both restraining and work positioning.

Product Specifications:

  • Rope type: Kermantle
  • Rope length: 2mtr
  • Rope thickness: 10.5mm
  • Conforms to EN355.2002 CE standards.


Tool Safe Bungee Swivel Type Lanyard

This Tool Safe Lanyard is an essential piece of equipment for all workers who use tools when working at height, as it prevents tools from falling while you’re at work. Simply attach the lanyard to both yourself and your desired tool.

Product Specifications:

  • 1x Twist lock karabiner
  • 1x Swivel twist lock karabiner
  • Maximum load: 15kg
  • Bungee rope length: 52cm
  • Max length: 104cm


G-Force Equipment Storage Bag

Similar to the above Tool Lanyard, this Storage Bag provides the ability to carry all of your essential tool in one safe and secure place while climbing to your desired workspace. Carry a range of equipment such as ropes, harnesses and tools.

Product Specifications:

  • Strong PVC
  • x2 adjustable straps
  • Dimensions: 350 x 400mm
  • Max load: 30KG


These are just a select few items of our Working at Height product range. To view our entire collection, simply hit the button below where you can find additional products such as Pulleys, Fliplines and Rope Grabs, all of which increase the level of safety when working at height. If you have any questions regarding a product mentioned above or about our Height Safety range, please do not hesitate to call us on 0117 9381 600 or email us

Our Working at Height Range >