When it comes to keeping safe on-site and at height, it pays to use your head. As such, keeping that head protected should be pretty high on the list of safety precautions.

Luckily, here at Life-Gear.com, we have a wide variety of safety headgear and many different types of helmets to choose from.

What’s more, we also stock several different brands of helmets and headgear as well, providing you with plenty of options, whatever product you’re looking for.

To help you avoid a headgear headache, here’s a quick rundown of the biggest and best safety headwear from the biggest and best safety headwear brands.


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Types of Helmets at Life-Gear

When it comes to safety helmets, we believe that variety is the best way of providing specialist protection. As such, we have a wide range of headgear available for an equally wide range of uses: from site work to mountaineering.

Additionally, we also stock headwear from numerous different brands to give you the best selection of products possible. These premium safety brands include such safety gear specialists as Ergodyne, Skullguard, Edelrid and Petzl, in addition to our own branded Life-Gear products.

Check out the guide below to see just what we have in store when it comes to keeping your head safe with our various headgear products.


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Hard Hats

If you work in a job where falling objects, physical hazards and general cranial danger is an everyday risk, a high-quality hard hat is a vital part of kit. Providing ample skull protection, these durable, lightweight helmets are also extremely cost-effective, giving you no excuse to go unprotected.


types of helmets,arborist helmets 

Arborist Helmets

Ideal for arborists and tree surgeons alike, these helmets are a must for anyone working at height, protecting tree care professional from the risk of potential head injury. These helmets are also perfect for recreational climbers.

Unlike a standard hard hat, these helmets protect the wearer from the side and back of the head, as well as the top. Available in a variety of models,


types of helmets,chainsaw helmets

Chainsaw Helmets

For an ample headgear precaution that also covers facial protection, our range of chainsaw helmets is the perfect solution. Providing comprehensive protection of the head from front to back, these helmets feature a protective visor, effectively masking the face while still providing complete facial protection.


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Children’s Helmets

If your little ones want to get in on the action as well, be it climbing or cycling, adequate and appropriate safety-wear is a must and headgear should be top of that list. Lightweight and durable, these “one size fits all” helmets provide front, rear and lateral protection from impact. Typically suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 8.