Our main goal here at Life-Gear.com is to provide our customers with the tools and equipment to not only complete their lifting, climbing, transporting and leisure activities as efficiently as possible but as safely as possible. That's why we strive to supply the highest quality PPE possible! Not sure what PPE is and what equipment it consists of? Read on to find out! 


What is PPE? 

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and is the equipment that is worn by workers and lifestyle enthusiasts, that provides extra protection against potential risks and hazards that might occur during work or leisure. PPE comes in a variety of forms and is often required to be worn in order to even participate in some activities such as rock climbing for example and work. Some activities and jobs require different types of PPE, so let's take a look at some of the equipment available in our collection of PPE and why these need to be worn. 

Our PPE Range 


Head Protection 

Safety Helmets PPE

In many job industries and activities, protecting your head is often the most important thing that you need to remember, such as working on a building site where there are constant dangers of falling items from a height. In fact, many workplaces and environments have a 'hard hat' policy where an individual is not allowed to enter the premises without wearing head protection. Here at Life-Gear, we supply a wide range of safety helmets and hard hats that are guaranteed to keep your head fully protected at all times. Click below to view our full ranges!

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Eye Protection 

Eye Protection PPE

Your eyes are one of the most fragile and important parts of your body, therefore it is imperative that when you partake in a job or task that carries the potential of causing damage to your eyes, you ensure that they are fully and properly protected. Often, eye injuries lead to the loss of sight when they can be easily avoided with the right PPE. Chemical and debris can easily make contact with your eyes and lead to an unfortunate accident, but with our range of Protective Glasses and Spectacles, you go a long way in preventing this kind of thing from occurring. Click below to explore our range.

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Ear Protection 

Ear Protection PPE

Your hearing, as well as your sight, is another extremely important aspect of your body, so ensuring your ears are properly protected in another crucial element of PPE. Working in environments subjected to loud noise such as concerts and construction sites can have an effect on your ears and hearing even after a short period of time. Our collection of Ear Protection ensures your hearing is not affected and that you are able to continue working in such environments with no worry. Click below to explore our full collection.

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With an extensive collection of PPE available, no matter what your job or task, we are confident that you will find the protective equipment that you need to carry out any application in the safest way possible. The above equipment is just a portion of the PPE that is available here at Life-Gear.com. To explore our full collection of PPE, simply hit the button below! 

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For more information or assistance with our collection of PPE, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Life-Gear team today by calling 0117 9381 600 or emailing us at sales@life-gear.com.