With British summertime slowly creeping into the rear-view mirror with each passing week, some Brits are already beginning to turn their attention towards their next excursion. For many, this means leaving the poolside vibes behind in favour of snowy slopes and alpine adventures.

However, carving up the frosty mountains can be an expensive endeavour. Skiing and snowboarding equipment is rarely cheap and stocking up on gear can quickly turn into a hefty bill. Luckily, we ‘re here to help prevent your funds from going downhill with our budget-friendly skiwear.

So, pull down your goggles and prepare to go off-piste as we take a look at the various snow gear on offer here at Life-Gear.com.


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Skiing & Snowboarding Gloves

Globally recognised as a leading brand in safety gloves, Dirty Rigger have extended their expertise into the world of winter sports with the SubZero ski glove range.

Complete with adjustable cuffs and nylon fastenings, each glove features heavy-duty synthetic leather on the palm for durability and grip.

The wind/rainproof fabric also has a silicone/neoprene knuckle padding for comfort and protection, while the thumb, middle and index finger are also touchscreen compatible for added convenience.

Lined with thinsulate fleece and a breathable, water-resistant membrane, these gloves are the perfect accessory to keep your hands protected while you tear up the slopes.


Thermal Wear

While gliding through snowy terrain and speeding down frosty slopes can lead you to build up quite a sweat, the icy surroundings are naturally going to bring with them crisp, wintry temperatures.

To keep your body protected from the elements, check out our BlackRock range of thermal wear. Providing a snug fit for superior warmth, featuring brushed fabric for superior comfort, these polyester garments are engineered for maintaining a comfortable temperature in icy conditions.

Cuffed at the wrists and ankles respectively, both the thermal vest and thermal leggings are made with low-density fibres to trap air next to the skin for warmth, while the inclusion of a wicking layer removes moisture and prevents chilling for maximum comfort on the slopes.


Snowboard Bindings

We know that snowboarding gear can quickly rack up a hefty bill, which is why, when it comes to board necessities like bindings, we’ve made a conscious effort to offer you a budget-friendly solution that won’t break the bank.

Part of the Fastec System Series, the FT270 from Raven offer high-back support with secure 3D-Tech ankle straps and 3D ultra-light toe cap straps. Meanwhile, the footbed features rubber pads for ultimate comfort and grip.

Made from lightweight, 30% fiberglass material with toothless, forward-lean adjustment, these bindings also boast seamed pipings for maximum durability. Each binding also features a release button for convenience and a sturdy composite buckle that won’t let you down.


Snowboard Bags

Lugging your board around when it’s not in use can be an arduous task. Make transportation off the slopes as easy as travel down it with a handy carry case for your board.

We offer a number of board bags for you to choose from, including the Pathron Evo. Extremely lightweight for ultimate hassle-free transportation, the Pathron Evo is made of high-quality Codura for tear and abrasion resistance and features a removable/adjustable strap and size zipper pocket.

Meanwhile, we also offer two equally awesome alternatives from Raven in the form of the Raven Taster and Raven Bliss ranges. Both versions offer ample storage robust yet lightweight, with padded lining and removable/adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable travel.

Featuring heavy-duty zippers and tear/abrasion-resistant material, as well as additional storage compartments, the only real difference between the two is the colour: the Taster features black/green trim, while the Bliss boasts a black/pink design.


Snowboard Sets

For the average tourist hitting the slopes, knowing what’s what when it comes to choosing the right board, boots and bindings can be a real headache. Avoid being snow blinded by the masses of snowboarding products available with this handy all-in-one set.

The primary feature of this package is the stunning Pathron Slash snowboard. Made from European poplar and Tasmanian oak for incredible pop and flex, this sleek board features a Flatrock profile that’s well-suited to freestyle use.

The most forgiving of the Flatrock range, it’s ideal for both intermediates and advanced users. Also included in this set is a Raven Taster snowboard bag and two FT270 medium-flex foot bindings, designed for unisex use.


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