When it comes to an emergency situation, a stretcher can be an invaluable piece of equipment. Ideal for the safe transportation of a person to receive medical treatment, our collection of stretchers is just what is needed in the event that an individual becomes injured and requires immediate evacuation.

Here at Life-Gear.com, we supply a wide range of different stretcher types that are designed for maximum comfort for the victim, that can be used in various different situations. Made from the highest quality materials, our different types of stretchers are extremely reliable in the times that are needed most and are easily transported from location to location when the person is strapped in! 

So, let's take a closer look at some of the stretchers that we have to offer! 

Folding Cotton Aluminum Rescue Stretcher

This G-Force lightweight stretcher has the ability to be folded, allowing it to be stored and transported easily! As well as being able to be folded, this stretcher contains quick-release straps, enabling the aluminium frame to be quickly locked into position, creating a strong and robust stretcher. View full product features below. 

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Stainless Steel Folding Rescue Stretcher

Another foldable rescue stretcher from G-Force, this time made with a stainless steel frame. This stretcher offers the same great storage and transportation benefits of the cotton aluminium stretcher above, however, this stretcher provides users with the ability for suspension rescue from vertical or inclined locations. View full product features below. 

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Confined Space Rescue Stretcher 

This restricted access rescue stretcher from Lyon has been specifically developed for the difficult conditions experienced when removing a casualty from a confined space. The deep wrap-around design provides enhanced impact protection for critical head and torso areas. This stretcher also includes an integral casualty harness to allow effective positioning and connection in difficult locations. View full product features below. 

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No matter what type of stretcher you're looking, Life-Gear has you covered. Our collection of different stretcher types are perfect regardless of your situation or needs. As well as possessing a number of innovative features, our range of stretchers is also extremely cost-effective! Providing you with the perfect addition to any emergency kit. 

For more information on our different types of stretchers or to place an order for one of our rescue stretchers, be sure to get in touch with a member of the Life-Gear team today. Also, do not forget to take a look at our entire collection of stretchers before placing your order.

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