A rope grab device is a perfect tool for people working at height because it allows the operator to move along the rope to do their work, but it will grip onto the rope and stop the operator’s descent automatically if they happen to fall.

At Life-Gear we stock a range of different rope grab devices that are perfect whether you are a professional arborist, tree surgeon or if you climb for sport. If you are buying or using a rope grab for the first time, bare these points in mind:

  • Ensure you have completed appropriate climbing training and are confident operating a rope grab.
  • Make sure your rope grab is compatible with your rope or lanyard.
  • Read the instruction manual thoroughly before you start climbing so that you know exactly how to use your new rope grab.

The G-Force Work Positioning Guided Fall Arrester is designed for use with a 12mm rope and comes in three colours. Use it as part of a fall arrest system or for work positioning on an access rope.

The G-Force Guided Shock Absorbing Fall Arrester (14mm) has a gate that makes attaching and detaching it from the rope easy! Much like the 12mm rope grab, this rope grab will automatically grip the rope in the event of a fall.

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