At we only source products from leading manufacturers. Petzl provide equipment for sporting activities as well for rope access and tree care professionals. Tree surgery work has rapidly advanced from the traditional rope methods, innovative devices and rope techniques have become more organised, reliable and safe. For example the Petzl mechanical prusik Zigzag enables users to move round efficiently, identical technique to the classic prusik pulley system.

Petzl has a number of products that overlap industries, so don’t be confused thinking Petzl is primarily rope access or height safety. For example, the Vertex helmet is the leading helmet in all industries including arboriculture.  

Life-Gear stock a range of high-quality Petzl equipment such as, hand ascenders, climbing helmets, mechanical prusik zigzag, descenders, seat harnesses and more. Designed for working at height and rope access professionals our Petzl range has increasingly become tailored for Arborists and Tree Surgeons.


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