Rigging Plates

Here you will find our comprehensive selection of rigging plates, designed for Tree Climbers, Arborists, Tree Surgeons, Landscapers and Forestry Workers! Climbing rigging plates are fundamental to organise the workstation and create multi-anchor systems, as they allow you to tie a number of lines from a single anchor. Our range of rigging plates is versatile, with plates able to perform a variety of tasks including arborist rigging or rescue work. The climbing rigging plates that we provide include our own branded plates as well as plates from established brands such as Ptrezl.

This rigging hard wear is carefully selected in order to provide our customers with reliability and value for money, ensuring that your desired operation is completed safely and securely. Our range of climbing rigging plates comes in a variety of styles and strength, so ensure you purchase the suitable plate for your needs.

View our full range of Rigging Plates below:

Ordering Rigging Plates

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