Rat-Strap Gear

In need of high-quality lashings to secure your important good and materials while in transit? Look no further than our range of Rat-Strap Gear!  With quality lashings capable of holding down material weighing up to 5000kg, you are sure to find a lashing suitable for your job right here!

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Our collection of Rat-Strap lashings are available in a variety of types. Some with hooks and some with 'S' hooks and some with claw hooks - perfect no matter your preference

To complete the purchase of your desired Rat-Strap product, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the Rat-Strap product you're interested in getting.
  2. Input the quantity you're looking to buy and click 'Add to Basket'
  3. Your product will now appear in your shopping basket. To complete your order click 'Checkout' and follow our secure online checkout process.

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