Using a chainsaw can be very dangerous. That’s why it’s important that people using, and in the presence of someone using a chainsaw are supplied with appropriate personal protective equipment and use it correctly. In this blog, we talk about the significance of each piece of PPE and showcase some of our favourite products from our chainsaw protective gear range.

When using a chainsaw there are a few key areas of the body that you should be aiming to protect including your; head, eyes, ears, hands, legs and feet.

Protecting your head, eyes and ears:

The most frequent chainsaw related injuries are not lacerations or cuts, but an injury caused by flying debris, therefore protecting the head and face is absolutely essential. The helmet you see in the photo above is part of our Forestry Helmet Set that comes complete with noise cancelling ear cups. We also stock Edelrid Ultra-Lite II Arborist Climbing Helmets which are robust and come in a range of colours.

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For extra eye protection, you could also consider wearing protective glasses or goggles – take a look at our Eye Protection range here:

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Protective clothing for hands, legs and feet:

Wearing protective clothing on your hands, legs and feet will dramatically reduce the risk of an accidental laceration or cut occurring. Here at, we can supply all the necessary PPE to keep you protected!


The gloves you see above are our SIP 2XD3 Chainsaw Gloves in Red/Black. This particular pair will provide protection for both your hands and they are reinforced with waterproof rubber meaning they’re incredibly durable and will allow you to safely grip the chainsaw regardless of the weather conditions.


Choosing a pair of trousers that will protect your legs in the event that the chainsaw came into contact with them is a necessity.

The pair you see here are the Innovation II Type C Chainsaw Trousers in Red/Black, they’re incredibly comfortable thanks to their lightweight material and ventilation. The reason they are suitable for chainsaw users is because they are composed of Pezatec (Condura®) and Pezaflex (Condura®) fabrics with a Teflon™ finish and Dyneema® yarns. These trousers will provide optimum comfort and protection!

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Protecting your feet is just as important as protecting the other parts of your body, and the best way to do so is by wearing boots that have been designed specifically for chainsaw users. These ones are the Haix Protector Ultra Signal Chainsaw Boots in Red – they are lined with GORE-TEX®, and have an anatomically designed protective toe cap.

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Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about our chainsaw PPE – We’re more than happy to help.