The Bear Valley EXO Ranger breathable mesh vented shirt is designed to keep workers cooler in the sun  💪  

Designed for arborists, site workers, and anyone working outdoors the extra strong stitching helps withstand more abuse from physical work.

Arborist in Bear Valley Shirt

The ranger boasts ergonomic comfort and performance whilst at work.  

Breathable Vents ☑️ 

Snug Fit ☑️  

Long Torso ☑️

Arborist at work

Longer torso length to allow for the user to stretch without the shirt becoming untucked 

Breathable mesh vents along the whole side of the user 

Extra strong stitching to withstand more abuse from physical work 

3 Material blend for maximum comfort, stretch and moisture control 

Tight to the body, neck and arms to help reduce the ingress of foliage/tree waste and reduce snagging. 

Cutting wood in Bear Valley shirt

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