A non retrievable cambium saver is annoying, time consuming and can therefore cost you money!

Cambium Savers should be expected from all Arborists, when climbing a tree other than when felling the tree we should aim to prevent damaging the tree as much as possible. Cambium savers help achieve this goal. Arborists can reduce premature wear on climbing lines and prevent damage to tree limbs caused by the climbing line running over a branch.

Ensure the chosen spot is cleaned of all little stumps and twigs that could get in the way, ensure the side where the cambium saver will drop down removing all little stumps and possible twigs that it could catch on. Investing a short amount of time cleaning can save you allot of time retrieving your cambium saver!

The easiest way of retrieving the cambium saver is to tie a knot (half hitch) in the end of the rope.

Simulate savers retrieval; pull at the cambium saver in the direction it will be retrieved checking if it moves easily through crotch or if the pulley releases well, even if this means that you have to look for a different spot to place your cambium saver being able to retrieve your cambium saver safely is crucial for a smooth operation.

Also, ensure you come out of the tree in a relatively straight line so that you can flick your rope from the ground and hence manipulating the cambium saver out of the fork.